5 Reasons Why A Function Band Hire Is Perfect For Your Intimate Event

With an intimate event you may feel function band hire is not the way to go. Here’s a handy guide as to why hiring a function band will be perfect for your intimate event!  


Firstly, a function band will add to the atmosphere of your event. Especially if you’re choosing something like an acoustic duo or jazz band. Having function band hire at your intimate event will set the right tone for the occasion. And this can be tailored further with repertoire choices and a suitably chosen genre of band. So whether you’re going for a suave minimalist event, or a bonanza for your nearest and dearest function band hire is certainly the right way to go.  


Following on from the atmosphere, it cannot be denied that adding function band hire to an intimate event will elevate the entire thing. A small get together with friends is suddenly transformed into a glamorous occasion with a real feeling about it. There’s nothing worse than a silent room. And at an intimate event music is the perfect way to evoke conversation and buzz.  


If you’re having an intimate event it is more than likely that the guests are people who mean an awful lot to you. So what better way to spice up your event than with a band to keep them entertained? Function bands really add a personal touch to an intimate event. Perhaps there’s a song that’s special to your guests? This would be the perfect addition to the night.   

Keep Things Moving With Function Band Hire

You may be worried that your intimate event may become stale as time goes on, but with function band hire your guests will be entertained for the duration. And they may even feel the need to get up and throw some shapes! An intimate event does not need to mean ‘boring’. And with a function band this will never be the case!  


Finally, it must be said that music is the perfect addition to many things in life, and an intimate event is no exception! With a function band not only do you get wonderful music of your choice, but also wonderfully talented musicians to provide the type of entertainment only possible through live performance. At Articulate we have so many different types of function bands to choose from you will always find the perfect fit for your intimate event.  

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What Have People Been Saying?

“What fantastic singers, and the crowd loved them, lots of guests came to ask me who they were! Both Free To Roam and Soul Beat exceeded our expectations and went above and beyond to make sure the event was a success”


‘I can’t thank the Becky CJ Duo more for their incredible performance at our event this past weekend. All our guests were impressed with their beautiful act and were talking about them.’


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We offer music solutions beyond our sublime party bands.
If you need a DJ, string quartet; sound or lighting; don’t hesitate to get in touch for a free, no-obligation quotation.
For bookings and enquiries email us at info@articulatemusic.co.uk now for your free, no-obligation quote.
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