What To Expect From the Entertainment Industry In 2021

2020 was hard. There’s no denying that every single one of us have had hurdle after hurdle to contend with. And the entertainment industry seems to have been a runner at the back of the race. With many entertainers falling under the self-employed bracket and therefore unable to claim furlough pay, it has certainly been a personal struggle for many. Venues, too, have suffered the effects of Covid-19 with many closing, dismissing staff or making a loss with socially distanced audiences. This doesn’t mean the entertainment industry is a thing of the past, though. And if you’re looking for function bands, Surrey is the place to start looking!  

The 2021 Comeback for function bands in surrey!

A ‘bounceback’ seems to have been promised for Britain’s economy, but it is unclear as to whether this will be possible for the entertainment industry, too. The hope is that with more vaccinations planned, audiences will be able to return to theatres and venues. Thus boosting the industry and funding the entertainers, tech workers and countless others who make a production what it is! We are hoping that live entertainment will return in 2021 and that the only way is up!  

A ‘phased’ Re-opening

Although we hope this will be the case, it is unlikely that the first quarter of 2021 will see anything resembling that of pre-March 2020. However events such as weddings may be back on the cards. A wedding is arguably more important than seeing your favourite pop-star at Wembley Arena and the government does recognise this. Even if only a small handful of guests are able to gather currently they are at least able to gather! This suggests that with the vaccine becoming available to more people every day weddings may be one of the first social events to be reintroduced. And function bands in Surrey and beyond will be ready! Articulate has the best function bands Surrey has to offer and all are ready to dive back in when given the green light. You just try and stop us!  

Support to get booming again!

We implore you to do all you can to support the entertainment industry in 2021- both live and not! After all Netflix probably saw you through a lot of this year, and every single creative and behind-the-scenes worker contributes to the wonderful, eclectic entertainment industry the UK has. Function bands in Surrey are just the tip of the iceberg!  

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What Have People Been Saying?

“What fantastic singers, and the crowd loved them, lots of guests came to ask me who they were! Both Free To Roam and Soul Beat exceeded our expectations and went above and beyond to make sure the event was a success”


‘I can’t thank the Becky CJ Duo more for their incredible performance at our event this past weekend. All our guests were impressed with their beautiful act and were talking about them.’


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We offer music solutions beyond our sublime party bands.
If you need a DJ, string quartet; sound or lighting; don’t hesitate to get in touch for a free, no-obligation quotation.
For bookings and enquiries email us at info@articulatemusic.co.uk now for your free, no-obligation quote.
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